Indiana Life Insurance

All residents know that, Indiana life insurance is an important part of a proper financial plan.  To determine what type of life insurance is right for you it is best to explore the two veins of life insurance.

Indiana Term Life Insurance

The first type of Indiana life insurance, and the most popular, is Indiana term life insurance.  Term life insurance is the simplest form of life insurance.  There are no investments to understand or any cash value that accrues over time.  It is just insurance.   So when you get an Indiana term life insurance policy you will pay a premium either on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis and in return you receive coverage.  A common example is thirty year term life insurance policy of $600,000 with a $450 semi-annual premium.  With this Indiana life insurance policy you would pay $450 every six months, and if you were to pass away your beneficiaries would receive a payout of $600,000.  The premium of $450 every six months will be good for the entire term of thirty years.  Term life insurance is the same no matter where you go.  So if you happen to move Michigan term life insurance and Kentucky term life insurance will look exactly the same.  After that you understand pretty much everything there is to know about Indiana term life insurance.

Cash Value Indiana Life Insurance

The other vein of Indiana life insurance is called cash value life insurance.  While there are a ton of different names for these plans (whole life insurance, universal life insurance, etc.), they all have a core similar to Indiana term life insurance but with a major difference in that the policy grows a cash values for the policy holder.  So instead of just having life insurance you basically have a long term investment attached to the Indiana life insurance policy.  This is useful in a few instances, but the vast majority of people shy away from purchasing cash value insurance because the premiums are significantly more expensive than Indiana term life insurance policies.  In fact the policies can be as high as twenty times more than the premiums for Indiana term life insurance.  For most people’s budgets this is just too much to bear.  The other argument against this type of Indiana life insurance is that there are a lot of fees built into the policies.  These two reasons are why so many people choose to purchase term life insurance.
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