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Life Insurance for AIDS Patients

Finding life insurance for AIDS patients is not an impossible task.  With advancements in medications and a better understanding of AIDS the landscape has changed some.  We will look at a couple of common questions and add some great information to help you see how to get AIDS life insurance.

Can Someone with HIV Get Life Insuarnce?

The quick answer is yes.  Just like trying to get life insurance for cancer patients it is not as easy as standard life insurance applications but you can get some life insurance for aids patients.  The most difficult part will be finding more traditional life insurance.  The best way to do this is if your employer has some sort of group plan that you can be a part of life insurance without a medical exam.  You will not be able to get hundreds of thousands of dollars but you should be able to get enough to help with some debt and funeral expenses.

Are there Other Options to get Life Insurance for AIDS Patients?

The other option is more expensive but if you employers plan does not have life insurance or if they do not accept AIDS patients your best bet is Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance.  This type of insurance is limited in the amount you can get but there is no medical exam and it is exactly what they call it “guaranteed acceptance.”  The downside is that if no one can be turned down they charge much more for this type of insurance to cover the cost of the payouts.  Obviously, if someone qualifies for traditional term life insurance then they would go that option.

If I Already Have Life Insurance and then Got HIV Am I Still Covered?

Unless your policy had some weird exclusion then you are covered.  The main point to remember here is that you cannot let your life insurance policy lapse; EVER.  If your policy were to lapse you would have to go back through the underwriting process and would have to have a medical exam.  This means that you would fall into the life insurance for AIDS patients category, not get the same coverage and would not even get close to the same rates that you are currently enjoying.
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