Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

Life insurance for cancer patients has been thought unattainable by a large part of the population who has or has had cancer.  The truth is there are options out there for you.  If you came to get quotes for life insurance pleas fill out the form on this page and we will be happy to assist you with the process.  We are going to break down the options for people who have and have had cancer.

Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Let me be clear, if you are looking to get life insurance for cancer survivors the process will be thorough.  Because you have survived one of the deadliest diseases on the planet insurance companies are going to be reluctant to give you a traditional life insurance policy.  You will most likely get rated with a high risk policy.  The longer you have been cancer free the better.  If you had cancer as a child and have had no problems for 20 years you will get better rates than someone who has been clear for five years.  Whatever your status they will get extra blood tests and information from your doctor so be prepared to be a go between to get things done.  Doctor’s records are not always quick to surface, especially if your doctor has not moved over to digital records.  It is worth the time to go through this process because you may be able to get much lower rates than someone who ends up getting life insurance for cancer patients.

Life Insurance For Cancer Patients

If you are looking at life insurance for cancer patients then your options get fewer.  While you could go for a more traditional policy your premiums are going to be through the roof if you can get approved at all.  This is because you are at a high risk of death.  This does not mean that you cannot get any life insurance just that, unlike life insurance for cancer survivors, you options are typically fewer.  Your have two really good options.  The first is a guaranteed acceptance policy.  This means there is no medical exam.  These policies usually top out at $50,000 dollars and are pricey but available.  The even better option is if your employer has group coverage.  In this instance you can typically get a similar size policy to the guaranteed acceptance policy, but for a much lower cost.
Whether you are looking for life insurance for cancer survivors or life insurance for cancer patients our team at is here to help.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please let us know.

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