Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

Life insurance for marijuana users has become a more necessary product as the use of marijuana has become an accepted practice in various states.  While many think it would be very difficult for any marijuana user to get life insurance it is actually not that difficult.  We are going to cover what you need to do to get approved but if you came here looking to get quotes for marijuana life insurance then fill out the form on the side of this page.

Applications for Marijuana Life Insurance

The most important concept of applying for life insurance for marijuana users is the idea of getting quotes from a bunch of different companies.   You want to do this because the applications for each company are different.  While the general information is the same there are certain questions that may vary.  So some companies will ask if you are a smoker, and if you are looking for marijuana life insurance then you are.  Others will actually ask you about using marijuana.  Just this one simple difference could mean that you are classified in a lower cost category, like life insurance for tobacco users, or a high risk category (if you would like to learn more about high risk life insurance click here).  You want to be honest on each application.  You never know how a company rates marijuana use so the one that asks a specific marijuana question may be better than another that does not.  The key is to get a bunch of life insurance for marijuana users quotes.

Use an Independent Agent to Get Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

The easiest way to get multiple quotes for marijuana life insurance is to use an independent agent.  What an agent that works directly for one of the big insurance companies will not tell you is that they only give you quotes for their company.  So you are not necessarily getting the best deal.  When you use an independent agent they will shop all the companies available in your area to get you the best life insurance for marijuana users quotes.  The other advantage is that they know what companies work the best for you.  So instead of wasting your time with an application for a company that will not accept you as a client they can direct your business toward a life insurance company that accepts your lifestyle and needs.
At we are dedicated to helping everyone find the best life insurance for their needs.   Whether you need life insurance for marijuana users or some other life insurance product we will help you find the company that can give you the best coverage at the lowest cost.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please let us know.

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