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Life Insurance for Pilots

Life insurance for pilots is one of the more unfair deals in the life insurance industry.  While anyone who knows anything about aviation is aware that flying is much safer than driving a car being a pilot still gets thrown in with other high risk activities like rock climbing anpilotsd base jumping.  While this is not really fair it is the way the market treats piloting so we have to work with what we have.  What we can do is look at some of the factors you need to watch out for as you look for pilots life insurance quotes.

Know Your Hours Logged

While we know that every pilot takes account for how many hours they fly it is important to let the insurance companies know whether you are a casual pilot or a person who logs many hours.  Pilots who log between 75 to 200 hours a year can usually get approved for lower rates than someone who flies more than 200 hours.  The higher flight time usually means you will get an extra premium added to your life insurance for pilots for each $1,000 of coverage you get.  As you might imagine this could get pricey.

Watch Out for the Rider

We have seen many pilots get a policy they thought was very inexpensive but not realize that there is a rider to the policy that excludes an aviation accident from their coverage.  That means were they to die in a plane crash other than as a passenger who paid for the ticket on a scheduled (read major) airline.  This is a bad idea all around because trying to predict how one is going to die is not a good way to purchase life insurance.  We believe that life insurance for pilots should cover all the activities in which pilots participate.

Get a Bunch of Life Insurance for Pilots Quotes

Working with a company like TermLife360.com gives you some great advantages.  Because we are an independent agent we can shop all the companies that are available in your area.  This means you can get the best rates on life insurance for pilots.  This means whey you get your pilots life insurance quotes you are getting the quotes for the least expensive coverage available.  We also help you cut through the time of shopping for insurance because we know what companies give better treatment to pilots.  Since we are not connected to any one insurance company we are able to work for you instead of the insurance companies to get you the best deal.  As a company we are dedicated to helping you find the best pilots life insurance quotes and coverage for your needs.

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