Ohio Life Insurance

Ohio life insurance is an important part of a financial plan for any Ohioan.  While many people seem to think getting life insurance is complicated and confusing it is actually a pretty simple process with only a few differences between the different types of insurance.

Types of Ohio Life Insurance

While there are a ton of different names for the types of Ohio life insurance there are really only two main categories: Ohio term life insurance and life insurance with an investment.  Ohio term life insurance is the easier of the two to understand.  It is just plain boring insurance.  You pay a premium each month or whatever time frame you choose (once a year or twice a year are also common) and in return you are covered for a specific amount of money if you were to die.  Ohio term life insurance is also the least expensive of these two types.
Ohio life insurance with an investment covers a broad spectrum of life insurance policies.  What they all have in common is that they have a face value, just like Ohio term life insurance, and they have a cash value.  The cash value is an investment that receives a part of your premium each month and grows both from your premium payment and from accruing interest.  This form of insurance is much more expensive because you are investing the money and you are paying fees to have someone manage the investment for you.  It can still be a good form of insurance for many people but most people choose Ohio term life insurance and do their own investing in vehicles with less fees.

Getting Ohio Life Insurance

Now that you know about the two types getting insurance gets a lot easier.  Once you make a decision about which insurance is right for you, you will need to get a set of life insurance quotes.  Here at TermLife360.com we are an independent agent so that means when you fill out the form on this page you will get quotes from the most competitive companies in your area.  Independent agents are not tied to one company but are able to help you find the best deal for your needs.  Whether you choose Ohio term life insurance or one of the investment forms of insurance you will have to have a brief medical exam.  This can be done at a facility or the insurance company will pay to have someone come to your home.  Once the exam is done you will have to wait for underwriting to come back and then you will get your policy issued.  If you fill everything out honestly and it all goes smoothly then this process can take just a few weeks.
If you have any questions or if there is any way our team at TermLife360.com can help you with your Ohio life insurance please let us know.  You can see more information on Indiana Life insurance HERE, Michigan life insurance HERE, or see our list of life insurance by state HERE.

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