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West Coast Life Insurance Company

West Coast life insurance company has been offering insurance for more than 100 years and is a now a major cog in the portfolio of its parent companies portfolio.  We will be running through details of the history and ratings of West Coast Life Insurance, but if you came here looking to get a set of quotes please fill ou the form on the side of this page and we will be happy to help.

History West Coast Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1906 a group of small business people started West Coast in San Francisco, CA.  The company started at a crazy time for San Francisco as the Great Earthquake hit just sixteen days after the company was organized.  Looking to help the company loaned San Francisco their first reconstruction loan.  By the end of the year West Coast Life insurance Company had $1 million of insurance in force and $225,000 in assets.  From here the company expanded rapidly and was innovative in its approach to helping people and its expansion.  The company was the first to establish an American insurance company in Hawaii in 1907, the Phillipines in 1910, China in 1920, and Hong Kong in 1923.  They were the first insurance company to issue a group insurance policy west of the Mississippi and the first to offer last survivor universal life policies in California.  Through 1930 the company expanded to Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming markets.  At the end of 1930 West Coast Life Insurance boasted $133 million of insurance in force and $20 million in assets.  While expansion continued over the next 60 years the company continued to innovate with policies for unemployment disability, and one twelfth discount for paying an annual premium.  In 1997 a new chapter opened when the company was acquired by Protective Life Insurance.

West Coast Life Insurance Rating

Since West Coast is a subsidiary of Protective Live they are given their ratings under the Protective life insurance Company.  That being understood AM Best has given them an A+ rating.  This puts them in the “Superior” rating for AM Best and this is the second highest rating any company can receive from AM Best, who is the top rating company for the entire insurance industry.  If you decide to purchase a policy from West Coast Life Insurance Company you can feel secure that they will be more than able to meet their financial obligations.
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