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Zander Insurance

Zander insurance has become a well known name in the insurance industry thanks to personal finance radio show host Dave Ramsey.  If you were looking to get a set of free and instant term life insurance quotes then use the form on the side of this page.  We will be covering more information about Zander Insurance in this article.

Zander Insurance Group History

Zander insurance was founded in the 1920’s and now has over 80 years of experience in insurance.  They are now on their fourth generation of the Zander family members running the company.  This is very similar to other family owned businesses and has served the company well as it has grown over the years.
The company brought a major turning point when they teamed up with Dave Ramsey.  At the time Ramsey was as local personal finance radio show host who also spoke in churches.  Dave Ramsey ended up building a national following with his Financial Peace University course that is taught in churches across the country via video and workbooks.  As a result Ramsey’s partnership with Zander Insurance has proven to be a huge advantage for the company and has allowed them to grow in big ways since Ramsey has himself grown his business.

What Makes Zander Different

Zander Insurance is really no difference than any other independent life insurance agent.  They shop a variety of insurance companies for the best term life insurance rates and provide those quotes free of charge to anyone who fills out the form.  Term life insurance is a very competitive segment of the insurance industry.  This means there is very little flexibility in prices.  For the consumer, this means you can work with pretty much any independent agent and will get the same quotes.  This does not mean Zander is a bad company they are, by all reports, a great company, but their fame is really a result of Dave Ramsey and not for being that much different from other independent agents in the industry.

Getting Free Quotes

The purpose of any of the independent agent, like Zander Insurance, is to help you shop for term life insurance.  Using the form on the side of this page will let you shop more than 60 different companies for the best rates (if you would like to learn more about some of the best lif insurance companies click here).  Just fill in your information truthfully and you will receive a set of quotes customized to you.  If you get the quotes and are having problems we have developed an instructional guide to understanding term life insurance quotes HERE.
At TermLife360.com it is our pleasure to provide you with term life insurance quotes and to help you through the process of picking the best company for your needs.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please feel free to contact us.

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