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New Jersey Life Insurance

New Jersey life insurance can be broken down into two main categories; life insurance with an investment account and New Jersey term life insurance.  There are other types of life insurance that cover very specific needs but as far as covering all types of death these two are your options.
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New Jersey Life Insurance With Investment Accounts

The more expensive of the two categories, these types of life insurance policies have an investment account attached to them that increase in cash value over time.  As you make your premium payments a portion of those payment is deposited into the investment account.  While this increases that value of the account it also gains interest.  Over time the account grows and grows until the cash value is as large as the amount of insurance you are purchasing.  When that happened the account is paid up and you no longer pay the premiums because you just have the investment account to cover your life insurance instead of needing the insurance company.  This can be a good option but the downside is that this category of New Jersey life insurance is very expensive.  This is even more true when you compare it to the low cost of New Jersey term life insurance.

New Jersey Term Life Insurance

If you are considering purchasing New Jersey term life insurance you will be looking at the least expensive insurance for the most amount of coverage.  This is the biggest advantage of this type of New Jersey life insurance.  To put it simply term life insurance is just insurance.  There is no investment account or cash value.  If you pass away it will pay out the amount of the policy.  You pay your premiums and receive life insurance coverage in exchange and nothing else.  This makes the policies very easy to understand and makes a lot of competition the market place.   Since these policies are so simple there are no maintenance fees or management fees like you see with the investment account life insurance.  This transparency and competition makes these account significantly less expensive than any other type of full coverage life insurance policy.
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